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This week you will begin working on a feature story. As you prepare to choose a feature story topic, it’s important to explore the question: What makes a good feature story?
To help with this, you will receive a textbook called The Radical Write which focuses primarily on scholastic feature writing. It is full of examples (both good and bad) from high school newspapers. We will read the first page together. Then read chapter 2 on your own and take some time to explore the links of feature stories displayed on the online high school newspaper sites to the right.
Make a list in a post on your weblog (title it “School Features”) that consists of at least five story topics covered in at least two of these papers and then create a hyperlink to the one story you found most interesting.
One of these newspapers can be a college newspaper if you prefer. To find a college newspaper click here, then click on the state of the school you are interested in or plan on attending, and see if there is a link to that school. If not, choose another school.

Once you have your list, briefly discuss the topics that you most want to read about and why?
What “qualities of news” do they contain?
What conclusions can you draw about what makes a good feature story idea?
How might you be able to localize any of these story ideas (apply them to the Hunterdon Central community)?

For the one story you linked to:
Read and summarize the story.
Briefly review it, describing what you liked or didn’t like.
How might you have covered this story differently?

Homework:complete story idea sheet will be due when you come in tomorrow. Here is the final list of topics that can no longer be used.

Five news articles, in a variety of areas (national/international,sport/entertainment,local/school,  business/technology,health/science), must be bookmarked to the J1Q32011 Group on diigo by the time you come to class on Friday.

Please read chapter 2 of The Radical Write. There will be a news and reading quiz on Friday.

A complete profile story of at least 500 words (3 direct quotes) on either Mrs. Bousum or Ms. Braddee will be due by the time you come to class on Friday.

Objective: Students will analyze and evaluate feature stories from student publications to draw conclusions on what makes a quality news or feature article.


H. Informational Text

9. Read and compare at least two works, including books, related to the same genre, topic, or subject and produce evidence of reading (e.g., compare central ideas, characters, themes, plots, settings) to determine how authors reach similar or different conclusions.

Assessment: Blog post

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